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If Your matter requires a direct contact with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, please, fill in the following form.

Dear Internauts

Since we receive a lot of e-mail concerning matters which are not in the competencies of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we would like to inform that:


Decisions on financial help are made by: the dean, the rector or the scholarship committees (that depends on the body who grants a scholarship).

For information on the enrolment, please, check the chosen higher school Internet site. Matters of organization and course of studies (such as: college tuition, terms of tuition coverage, class schedule, end-of-term examinations, cancelling from students’ list) are settled by the dean or the rector in Your higher school.

You can find information on public and non-public higher schools in Poland, as well as authorized fields of their study, on the Ministry’s Internet site.


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