Financing of R & D

Except for military R & D projects (which are financed through direct transfers from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Defence), all government support for separately budgeted research is channeled entirely through the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. There are six ways of financing:

   1. Core funding for statutory R & D activities, i.e. institutional finance provided selectively to designated research establishments, units and university departments for covering the costs of their own research activities. Schools at university level cannot use those funds to finance their educational or training activities.

   2. Investments in R & D infrastructure, such as buildings and equipment.

   3. Peer-reviewed research grants based on research proposals, presented by small research teams or individual researchers, no matter where they are employed or what scientific degrees they hold. Applications are evaluated by an appropriate group of the Committee twice a year. Research projects should deal with new scientific problems and must not be financed from the state budget in any other form.

   4. Subsidies for R & D programmes of national importance commissioned by enterprises, state administrative bodies or local authorities. The financial means are allocated for the implementation of projects and the utilization of research findings.

   5. Subsidies for international scientific and technological cooperation resulting from intergovernmental agreements.

   6. Subsidies for selected R & D support activities (e.g. information services).

For detailed legal information on financing science please refer to the relevant provisions.

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