International Co-operation

  • European Union

    As a member of the EU Poland is involved in the 5th and the 6th Framework Programmes (FP) of the European Union. Poland is also a partner to such international programmes as EUREKA, COST, CERN, DESY and the NATO Science Programme. Poland is also active in bilateral co-operation. The number of Polish applications to the 5th Framework Programme is 5700 (compared with 46470 of all applications). 1323 Polish teams were chosen and their projects financed by the European Union. It constitutes 1.82% of all teams chosen for financing. Poles co-ordinated 192 projects in the 5th FP. Since 2003 Poland has actively participated in the 6th Framework Programme.

    Polish National Contact Point
    Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
    of Polish Academy of Sciences

    02-078 Warsaw, 34 Krzywickiego Str., Poland
    phone +48 22 826 25 02; fax +48 22 828 53 70

    EUREKA Initiative

    Poland became a full member of the Eureka Initiative in 1995. In 2003 Polish institutions participated in 73 projects carried out jointly with partners from other states.

    COST Programme
    COST - European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research

    COST is the oldest and widest European intergovernmental network for cooperation in research. Established by the Ministerial Conference in November 1971, COST is presently used by the scientific communities of 34 European countries and Israel to cooperate in joint research projects supported by national funds.

    The second COST Ministerial Conferences in Vienna on 21 November 1991 extended membership of COST to Poland, along with Hungary and Czechoslovakia, reflecting the new political priorities and scientific  opportunities opened by the then recent fall of the Iron Curtain.

    Since Poland's admission to COST the number of Polish R&D teams taking part in COST Actions has systematically grown. In 2008 Polish research teams took part in 152 COST Actions. The fields most widely represented include chemistry and molecular sciences and technologies, agriculture, biomedicine and molecular biosciences, information and communication technologies, materials, physics and nanosciences.

    The Polish COST National Coordinator (CNC)
    Jadwiga Mrozowska
    Chief Expert
    Ministry of Science and Higher Education
    Department of International Cooperation
    00-529 Warsaw, 1/3 Wspolna St., Poland
    Tel.: 22 52 92 378

    Poland also participates in other international programmes such as CERN (7 new projects launched in 2003), DESY (8 new projects launched in 2003) and the NATO Science Programme.

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